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Making responsible clothing
With our clothing we wish to deliver a high quality and sustainable product. To achieve this goal we make sure to use only organic and sustainable materials, as well as ensuring the whole production process happens in a fair and ethical way.
Organic cotton
Our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, not using chemical insecticides, fertilisers or pesticides, ensuring surrounding plant- and wildlife stay unaffected. Not only the sourcing of materials, but also the entire production process happens in a sustainable manner. This means all materials used in our clothing are GOTS certified from start to end.
Workers' wellbeing
We want to ensure our clothing is made ethically and in working together with local businesses and in collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation we can ensure that the people working in factories make above living wage under ethical conditions. Fair Wear Foundation also strives to improve working conditions further, helping to eliminate discrimination in employment, ensuring reasonable working hours and creating safe and healthy working environments.
Certifications and partners
CO2 Neutrality
Next to sustainable production, there is a lot extra steps that can be taken to further reduce the environmental impact our products have. We strive to use sustainable packaging where possible and are actively working to compensate our CO2 footprint. To this end, we are aiming to be be carbon net-negative by 2026.